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Curriculum Maps

Our curriculum aims are:


Ø Develop life skills which promote a love of learning

Ø Grow an understanding of ourselves, each other and the world

Ø Nurture curiosity and creativity which feed the imagination

Ø Cultivate aspiration through motivation and self-belief

Ø Instil resilience, independence and other personal attributes


Each Year Group will use Project Based Learning, as a teaching method in which the children will gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Throughout the project duration, the children will be working on an authentic problem and presenting it to an authentic audience. These projects will all link with the objectives set out in the National Curriculum and will roll on a two year cycle as our foundation subjects have always done.

Download the curriculum overviews to see what your child is doing each term. If you have any further questions please contact your child's teacher.