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Pupil Survey

This year we have decided to do our Pupil Survey a different way. A different question is asked every 2 weeks and displayed in the hall. Children can submit their opinions as well as vote. Here are the questions so far and some of their opinions.

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Summer Term questions


Dinner staff treat all children fairly?

We have to eat food we don’t like (please note school dinners however are chosen by parents not the staff when menu selections are made!)

We have to eat all of our food even if we are full.

We said – we will speak to dinner staff about only having to eat a reasonable amount.


Do you enjoy break time?

Yes – but lunchtimes are boring because there is nothing to do.

We said – we will provide training for lunchtime staff to support children in their play.


Is behaviour dealt with effectively by staff?

Yes staff are strict but fair.

Staff do have a laugh and a joke with us but also let us know when we have to be serious.


Current question – do you feel safe at school?