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Pupil Survey

This year we have decided to do our Pupil Survey a different way. A different question is asked every 2 weeks and displayed in the hall. Children can submit their opinions as well as vote. Here are the questions so far and some of their opinions.

Pupil Questionnaire 2018/19

Pupil Questionnaire 2018/19 1


Autumn Term Questions

Do you know who you can talk to in school if you have a worry?

0 (0%) Children said they did not

12 (0.6%) Children said they were not sure

166 (93%) Children said they did

Do you enjoy school?

4 (3%) Children said they did not

24 (11%) Children said sometimes

182(87%) Children said they did

Do teachers help you do your best?

8 (7%) children said teachers do not

12 (11%) children said sometimes

92 (82%) Children said yes

Are you given work which challenges you?

2 (1%) children said they were not

34 (19%) said sometimes

143 (80%) said yes

Is the behaviour of other pupil around school good?


28 (8%) said no it is not

39 (11%) said sometimes it is

274 (80%) said yes it is

Spring Term Questions

Do you feel staff listen to you in lessons?

6 (4.5%) yes they do

32 (24%) sometimes they do

94 (72%) yes they do

Do you feel the project based learning is a good thing to do?

0 (0%) said no it isn’t

13 (2%) they sometimes think it is

112 (98%) said yes it is

Is bullying a problem at this school?


102 (95%) said no it is not

3 (3%) said sometimes it is

2 (2%) said yes it is

Are you encouraged to look after your physical (food, exercise etc..) health?


0 (0%) said no we are not

0 (0%) said sometimes we are

234 (100%) said yes we are

Are you encouraged to look after your emotional and mental health?





Are you encouraged to be independent and take on responsibilities?





Summer Term Questions

Are you encouraged to respect people from other backgrounds and treat everyone equally?





Are you made aware of your next steps in your learning?





Do you feel teachers help you prepare for moving up to your next class/school?





Do feel proud to be a pupil at New Waltham Academy?