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New Waltham Academy School Council

Welcome to our school council page.


Our school council is made up of 2 members from each class. We were voted to become school councillors by our classmates.

We meet with the other school councillors once a week to discuss issues. These might be suggestions from our class about things they would like to happen, events we would like to do, our issues in our village.

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Autumn Term

The School Council at New Waltham Academy provides a forum for the children to have a voice, to be actively involved in decision making and the opportunity to promote our school values. Elections have been held and two children from each Key Stage 2 class have been chosen as their class representative. The elected representatives have to be willing and able to put forward other people’s views, even if they disagree with them, and make improvements to the whole school for the benefit of all pupils. The School Council work closely alongside Early Years and KS1 to ensure all children have a voice. They meet regularly to raise and discuss school issues and plan and execute their own projects. The first meeting of the new Council will take place in September, with thoughts and ideas shared and plans made that will have a positive impact on the learning environment and experiences of all children at NWA.