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Ethos and Values

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New Waltham Academy


Vision Statement

Our vision is for New Waltham Primary School to be consistently placed in the top 25% of achieving schools in the country according to Government benchmarks for pupils leaving Year 6.


However, this will only be valid if it is achieved whilst staying firm to our core values, including the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths, races, genders, disability and sexual orientations, as expressed in our Mission Statement as stated below.



Mission Statement

At New Waltham Academy education is about children experiencing the joy of learning, solving problems, being creative, developing their self‑confidence as learners and maturing socially and emotionally. We will combine high standards with a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum, helping to prepare children for life in modern Britain. This will take place in an environment that, whilst stimulating, will identify health and safety as a paramount consideration.

Literacy and Numeracy will form the foundations of our pupils’ success in learning. We will build on our previous success to best serve the needs of our children using the skills of everyone in the school. We take responsibility for, and will drive, our own improvement, set our own challenging targets and recognise that, like every good organisation, we will strive for ways to improve every aspect of our school.

Learning will be focused on individual pupils’ needs and abilities. We will further develop dialogic learning and assessment for learning, enabling children to take greater responsibility for the assessment of their own learning thereby developing greater ownership and motivation.


We will provide activities both inside and outside school hours to extend and enrich learning beyond statutory requirements.


We will encourage healthy lifestyles by both promoting a healthy diet and providing opportunities and entitlement for physical exercise beyond statutory requirements. By working with outside agencies eg the school nurse and secondary schools we can help to further develop children’s well-being.


Information Technology will be utilised to enhance learning whenever appropriate and to make the school more effective and efficient in its day-to-day management, enabling administrative staff to better monitor information which contributes to school improvement.


Pupils will be given varied opportunities for being responsible and supportive towards their peers and the running of the school as a whole through; the Playmakers Scheme, the School Council, the Learning Council and other life-skills by working in the school library.


Admin staff will assist others to more effectively carry out their roles by providing excellent administrative support. We recognise that they are the ‘front line’ in communication with parents and outside organisations and, as such, represent the school’s perceived image on a daily basis.


We will all maintain and further develop our partnership with parents by giving helpful information and seeking improved ways of communicating with them about their children’s progress and the school in general. We recognise that parents of children with special needs are especially keen to be informed about their children’s progress so that they can work with us.


Teachers and classroom assistants will work together to support all learners; always paying attention to those with special educational needs, those who are particularly talented learners and any groups that are vulnerable to under-achievement. We will give extra support to the learners that need it most.


The Caretaker will monitor the school premises and site to ensure that children and staff can thrive in a safe, secure, well-maintained, clean environment.


Lunchtime staff will ensure the safety and well-being of pupils during lunchtime so that the children can return to their classrooms refreshed and ready to continue their studies.


The headteacher will; further develop effective systems for quality assurance and self evaluation so that in school high standards of achievement; positive attitudes to learning and positive behaviour can be further promoted, and; support all staff in the fulfilment of their roles.


All managers will provide staff with; positive feedback regarding their performance; opportunities for further development; support, both professionally and personally, to assist with their general well-being.


In summary, we will all do everything we can to enable every child to gain as much academic achievement and personal development as they possibly can whilst enjoying their time at New Waltham Academy.





Our School Values Song

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