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How can I help my child at home?


Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time. Children learn and develop through playing, exploring, being active, being creative and being asked questions to help their thinking. As a parent you are your child's primary educator, use the links below to give you some ideas on ways to help your children at home and support their development within each area of learning.

Number Fun!


Click on the links below to play some exciting maths games and develop your maths skills such as counting and number recognition or understanding pattern and language linked to weight and length.

Number games

Number games 2




In Nursery the children are introduced to phonics and sound blending work through the Letters and Sounds programme and this continues throughout the children's time in our school. The children are taught in differentiated groups for fifteen minutes each day, each session.

Letters and Sounds:

  • is a six-phase teaching programme;
  • fosters children's speaking and listening skills as valuable in their own right and as preparatory to learning phonic knowledge and skills;
  • teaches high quality phonic work with the intention of equipping pupils with the phonic knowledge and skills they need to become fluent readers by the age of seven

Phonic sounds