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The Cosy Club


Welcome to the Cosy Club!

Within the vision and ethos of New Waltham Academy, we have always believed that a holistic approach is significant in enabling any child to thrive and flourish in their Primary education. We know a child can have a worry, which may seem insignificant to others, but can very easily impact upon any learning outcome.


It is known that emotional imbalance of any nature, can impact on a child’s behaviour. This in turn, can affect their ability to reach a full potential through learning. For this reason we have developed a Pastoral provision that seeks to support the social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing of each child in our care.



Supporting this provision is a full time pastoral TA who acts as an extension to the natural pastoral role of the class teacher. Her work responds to the class teachers as and when they require additional support for a child encountering any emotional disruption to their school day. It is available throughout the school day to engage with children in supporting them with challenging circumstances that they may be facing either at school or at home. These can vary considerably from friendship problems to bereavement; transition in and out of school, to house and school moves; being equipped with appropriate social skills to self-esteem building.

The pastoral TA has close links with SEND in supporting vulnerable children with emotional literacy and the appropriate management of emotions. The Cosy Club, has been developed to support children and adults and aims to:-

  • Be a room where children can go if they need to calm down or talk to someone;
  • A behaviour recovery room for children to go to if they need to come out of class, to benefit themselves and the other children in their group;
  • A dedicated area where we can deliver small supportive group sessions with external nurture experts;
  • A room to be able to meet with parents and carers.

We have also developed a sensory walk which provides a place of calm within a busy day for children who require some sensory respite or distraction.

In addition to this, the work around smooth transition is of immeasurable value to the well-being of the children in our care. For example the pastoral TA also supports children through all areas of transition – when joining the school, during the school day, moving from year to year, and when the time comes for them to leave New Waltham.

Pupils play a part in supporting each other too with their worries and mental health. We have established empathy heroes who are trained to help peers in the playground and at other times of the day.

Click for more detailed information on the provision for social, emotional and mental health.