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Values, Vision and Ethos

Our Vision


Our staff, parents, pupils and governors have all played a part in shaping our vision. One of the core purposes of our vision is to provide opportunities for growth in mind, body and spirit to ensure the holistic development of all who work and learn here. All stakeholders expressed the importance of  developing the whole child and this has been reflected in the new vision, with a focus on building of confidence, creativity, citizenship, acquisition of knowledge and broadening horizons of hope and aspirations.  The vision for the future of our school  shows that the children are at the heart of everything that we undertake. We are ensuring that the community, which is built on our social values and learning, continues to be shaped through compassion, forgiveness, friendship and trust. It is also important to us that all of our school community fully understand our vision and know how we each play a vital role in translating the vision into an everyday reality.