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We love reading!

The Teaching of Reading at New Waltham Academy

Staff at New Waltham Academy believe that encouraging children to read for enjoyment is key to

their success as a reader. Teachers choose potent texts which will excite the children and motivate

them to want to read more. Our children become fluent, confident and independent readers with our systematic phonic programme the heart of their success as well as stimulating and engaging reading

corners in every classroom to promote reading for pleasure. Children are expected to read regularly

at home, so they progress through the scheme. Children read a range of Fiction, Non-fiction and




Reading at New Waltham Academy is taught is a variety of ways, as listed below:

• Through guided/shared reading

• Through comprehension lessons which focus on understanding, deduction and inference skills

• Through 1:1 reading sessions with library assistants, teaching assistants and other adults in school

• Through interventions for identified children

Year Group teaching of reading

In the Early Years we establish a language-rich environment and model and share reading with the

children, demonstrating that it is an active part in the process of constructing meaning. We discuss

how texts are structured, how to use book language and learn about the rhythm and expression

needed for reading aloud. Our aim is to build on and extend children’s understanding of language so that

they develop early reading skills and most importantly a love of books. 

In Key Stage 1, reading is taught through a daily phonics programme and daily guided reading sessions

which are used to develop children’s reading vocabulary and confidence in all curriculum areas. Quality

fictions texts are used as the vehicle to deliver writing lessons which further engage the children.

Through discussion and rich questioning, using quality fiction and non-fiction, children are taught the

skills needed to interpret and understand a range of texts. These comprehension skills enable children to become purposeful, active readers and develop a lifetime love of books and reading.

In Key Stage 2, reading is primarily taught through guided reading and whole class teaching as well as a weekly comprehension lesson which focus on understanding, deduction and inference skills. The library

is organised into year groups and authors where children can choose to read a wide range of quality

stories, plays, poetry and information books. A high level, high quality section for our most able

readers ensures children reach their full potential is reading. We aim to make sure that all children

can read competently, enjoy and appreciate books right across the curriculum.