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New Waltham Academy Pupil Voice



We value the views of our pupils and hold termly informal chats with groups of pupils from EYFS - Year 6 to hear what they think about each subject. We worked with mixed groups of children so that we get opinions and ideas from throughout the school.

February 2024


In our pupil voice this term, we focused on what the children enjoy about their music lessons. Teachers also held discussions with the children about what they had voiced previously (see February 2023) and actions subject leaders have made, to act upon some of these things. Children understand that leaders cannot change everything, but that their voice and opinions are taken into consideration.


February 2023


What do you think about Music lessons?

  • ‘There’s a huge variety of songs, sounds and styles’

  • ‘Learning to play the drums was exciting’

  • ‘It lets me be creative’

  • ‘I get lost in the music we listen to’

  • ‘I like learning about different artists’

  • ‘Music lessons are fun’

What have you learnt in Music?

‘That Tempo means how fast or slow the music is’

‘I learnt about the beginning, end and the chorus’

‘How to play the Glockenspiel’

‘We’ve learnt about The Beatles’

‘We learnt about dynamics, introductions and riffs’

What can you share that you are most proud of?

  • ‘Playing instruments when my parents came in’

  • ‘I’m proud of using Makaton when I sing’

  • ‘That I respect other people’s talents’

  • ‘Sharing my voice so people know I can sing’

  • ‘Performing at Young Voices’

What would you like to do more of in Music?

‘I would like to learn other instruments like guitar, piano and violin’

‘I want to learn songs from Matilda’

‘I would like to make up my own songs’

‘I want to go to Young Voices again’


First, we discussed the question 'What is Music?' and we collected our thoughts and ideas. We gathered these together by working collaboratively and created a word cloud using all of the words that we associate with music. These ideas are displayed below: