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School Day including Wrap Around Care

The School Day at New Waltham Academy


Before the School Day Starts


For those parents that require it, there is a 'Breakfast Club' that is run by our Wrap Around Care Team. This is open from 7:30am. More information can be obtained from our office and in the above starred section.


Children not at breakfast club, should not be on the school site before 8.40 as a member of school is not on the playground before that time.


8.45am – 8:50am

Doors open and children are welcomed into school where they will have a settling in activity to complete on entering the classroom.  If you would like to see your child's class teacher, please make an appointment at our office.


8.55am to 10:20am

This is the first session of the school day. You can find out what your child will be doing by visiting the class pages. The usual weekly timetable can be found on this page.


10:20am – 10:35am (Year 5/6 10:35am – 10:50am)

This is the morning break session for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Year 3/4.  Children in KS1 and KS2 have the option to purchase milk and juice to drink at break times. This can be ordered on Schools Buddy and will be available to drink at break Our school council also run a tuck shop in KS2. Fruit is available for all at break time in Early Years and Year 1/2


10:35am – 11:50am (12:15pm Key Stage 2)


This is the second session of the morning. Every week, the children have a computing lesson which takes place in our ICT Suite and is taught by Mrs Smith. Your child’s computing lesson might be in the morning or the afternoon



11:50am - 12:45pm (12:15pm  - 1:10pm Key Stage 2)


This is our lunch time. Children have a choice as to whether to bring a packed lunch or to have a school dinner. All our school dinners can be booked online at These do need to be ordered at least a week in advance. Fresh water is provided for all children. Some of our Key Stage 2 children apply to be Playground Buddies and Play Makers to aid playground games during the lunch hour.


12:45pm – 2:00pm (1:10pm – 2:10pm)

This is first session of the afternoon. One of these sessions each week is PE. Every child will have two hours of PE each week. One lesson will focus on gym, dance and athletics and the other will be a games focus. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit (children in Early Years and Year 1 & 2 come to school in their kit on PE days) and are able to remove their earrings. Further information about PE kit can be found under the school uniform heading.


2:00pm – 2:15pm

Afternoon Break for Early Years and Key Stage 1


2:15pm – 3:20pm

This is the last session of the day. With this in mind, attendance is very important. If you require a 'Leave of Absence' you must ensure you ask at the office for a 'Leave of Absence Form'. Term time dates can be found under the term dates section and are published in advance.


3.30pm to 4.30pm

Everyday after school, as well as at lunchtimes, there are many extra-curricular clubs that children can attend. If you require any information about these then please see the school clubs section. These clubs can be booked on Schools Buddy. If you need any further information or help booking onto clubs, please see our school office.


(32.5 hours)


Our Wrap Around Care continues after school until 6:00pm (5:00pm on Fridays).