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What do people think about our school?

My daughter moved to New Waltham Academy at the start of year 4. This was a big decision and one that I did not take lightly. However, I have not looked back as I feel this school is perfect for my child. My daughter has taken part in opportunities that I would never have believed possible and that is thanks to the encouragement, support and belief that the staff offer to the children in their care. For that I am truly grateful.

The Early Years Team at New Waltham Academy are amazing! My daughter always comes home beaming with excitement about the new things she has learnt. 

From stories to treasure hunts, the team always come up with such creative ways of teaching that engage all of the children. Lots of learning but in a magical way that captures the interests of little ones! 


Firstly, I would just like to say that a sentence or two is not enough to describe how impressed and appreciative we are with the staff in Early Years and the job they do! 

The staff are friendly and approachable. They go above and beyond to provide our daughter and all the other children with an amazingly varied curriculum. There isn't a day goes by when she doesn't come home with something new to tell us or a different activity she has done! When we ask her what she likes best about school, she says 'everything'!

Additionally, her numeracy and literacy have come on in leaps and bounds which is 100% due to the encouragement and range of teaching strategies used. I've never seen so many ways to get children to count and write! From 'big write' to 'cloud maths', the list is endless!

We are also amazed at the amount of activities shared with parents via social media and Tapestry. It by far exceeds our expectations of communication about her progress. 

I could really go on and on! You should be incredibly proud as a head to have such dedicated staff.

Well I feel like I could write so much about our positive journey we have embarked on with our child being at NWA, but for us as new parents to him I feel like you are on this amazing journey with us and the support for us all has been outstanding.  I feel extremely lucky to have all of you by our sides not only for  him but for us as new foster parents too so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I rave about NWA to everyone that listens.

Our daughter joined New Waltham Academy in September 2021 after experiencing her reception year at a Welsh school. She was very unsure about moving and afraid that she wouldn’t make friends or like school as much as her old one. With a move across country, a new house, she within weeks joined KS1 Mrs Swann’s class - it was a lot for a 5 year old to take in. Nearly a year has passed and she has excelled herself in all ways possible, every single teacher and student couldn’t of been any more welcoming and made her feel included since day one. She looks forward to coming to school every single day and even when we have had a bad start to the morning at home, I can guarantee she will walk out of school with a smile on her face!

We worked out that our children have been attending New Waltham Academy for 20 years now. We are not disappointed.  Our children have loved it and so have we. All four of our Children are very different and have had different kinds of needs at some point in their time at this school and each time the staff have risen to the challenge and made a positive impact on our children's lives. So grateful for the staff of this Academy for the way they go above and beyond. We will miss an end to this era very much.

New Waltham Academy is a friendly and welcoming school. I have complete trust in the staff,  that my child is safe and happy in their care. They offer such wonderful, engaging learning activities for the children and I can’t wait for my youngest to start Trackers this September.

We are so happy with the progress our children have made at New Waltham Academy. The teachers are so caring, supportive and always available to speak to. They understand our children's individual needs and work with them to achieve their goals. 


What a fantastic school! The staff go above and beyond for the children. Our boy’s love it here. We would highly recommend it!

Our three boys attend New Waltham Academy, one in year one and two in Trackers nursery. Our oldest boy has been at New Waltham Academy from Trackers through to Early Years and now Year 1. He started in Early Years during the worst period of the Covid pandemic, understandably we worried that he would feel upset and scared going into school but we couldn’t have been more wrong. He embraced school and was made to feel very happy and comfortable by staff who did the job that, at that time we could not do.
Since coming out of the other side of the pandemic we have really loved being able to be part of school life and think that the opportunities given to the children at the school are great. The staff really do go the extra mile in providing fun but educational experiences. Our youngest boys have settled in really well to Trackers nursery and really enjoy coming into school.

We think it is amazing that, no matter when it was going to happen, as promised by Mrs P, we are going to see our boys Christmas concerts. This is something as, with them being so small we will look back on for such a long time.. even if it is in the height of summer!

Thanks again, we really are pleased that we chose your school for our boys, you have been fab!



I just needed to put pen to paper and say that I have to let you know how wonderful you and your staff have been for my cared for children.  From the very start you made it so easy for me and the children to settle into the school life.  Your communication over Covid was exemplary allowing us to update you on health during the evenings, weekends and during school holidays.  The teachers have understood all the complications that come with our two and regularly update us.  I also have to thank you and Mrs Barber for all the support with our child after her running away, going over and above to ensure her safety and my sanity.  We received all the forms to fill in from yourselves to enable the councillor to support her and to the early help that was needed for her.  This has been invaluable for her and us.

I admire that amount of information that you cascade to us on schools buddy to ensure that all parents are always in the know and don’t miss anything. The messages about sweets for birthdays and food sampling are a real help with communication with the children after school.


Your ability to ensure that most activities or meetings took place over zoom during covid was outstanding and a credit to you and your team.  It was fabulous to be able to join you all for sports day this year and after such a long break you did a wonderful job.  So looking forward to the delayed Christmas concerts and graduation day.


Special shout out to Mrs Turner – absolutely brilliant teacher so helpful with  our other child , on his not wanting to come into class days and Mrs Barber for her regular morning chats to ensure all is going ok with the older child.

 Cannot thank you enough and would not want the children to go to any other school – BRILLIANT is just not enough to say.

You’re a brilliant school, my daughter is thriving! I wouldn’t want her anywhere else!